Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm in Asia and I failed the driving test…go figure

Should I be PC and apologize for that stereotypical comment?


fail drivers testSo last Tuesday I went to the DMV to upgrade my scooter license. My previous license entitled me to drive 50cc size scooters, and only required taking the written test (which I failed the first time). However, now that I have a 125cc engine, I need to take the driving portion of the test.

The test consists of driving a straight line between 2 sensors about two feet apart, not touching the ground and not taking less than 8 seconds, meaning you must be able to keep your balance and direction while driving relatively slowly.

Then you drive a small circular track, keeping between the 2 sensors, and making sure to stop at a railroad crossing, red light, and pedestrian crossing.

Wait, uh, what? What did I just write? Do people here really know they're supposed to stop at red lights and pedestrian crossings? Huh, wonders never cease.

Anyway, I passed the most difficult part—the slow, straight line—without a problem. However, when I got to the stop light, I misjudged how far my front tire extends, and it just barely touched the sensor at the line you're supposed to stop behind. BUZZ!

Automatic fail Sad smile

I can retest in 7 days. I've heard there's an older woman who's taken and failed the test dozens of times, so I'm not (yet) the biggest loser at the DMV. Time will tell.



Austin said...

Aww that sucks! You'll do better next time! :)

Steve said...

@Austin: I hope so. It's funny that the people who fail the test then simply DRIVE AWAY ON THEIR SCOOTERS.