Sunday, April 15, 2012

Four years in Taiwan

I arrived in Taiwan on April 15, 2008.

I fully intended to write something meaningful and memorable to commemorate this day. Heck, I had hoped to do something memorable today. Alas, my celebratory activities consisted of buying myself a new houseplant and some socks.

This blog entry will likewise be just as exciting.

But, there are pictures!

Click on photos to enlarge

Here is the last photo I took on my digital camera before I left the US.

And here's a photo I took while on the plane.

My first photo in Taiwan.

I arrived late in the evening on the 15th and was met at the airport by two of the greatest guys you could ever hope to meet.

Here are some images I captured on that first day as I wandered around.

And in the following years…

April, 2009


April, 2010

April, 2011

April, 2012

Hey, that's now! My camera has been broken since February, but here's the last shot I was able to take…

Perhaps mind control rays (which surely were emanating from the aliens responsible for that weird cloud ring) broke my camera.

My goal for year number five? Improve my Chinese—which will be my goal whether I'm here five or fifty years—and enjoy my family, friends, and life as much as possible.

Oh, and find out where I can get my hands on some corn tortillas.


Marc said...

Corn tortillas at Florida Bakery, Steve; also homemade chips.

Steve said...

Thanks Marc! I found their website...and they deliver!

Anonymous said...

Miss you Dad! Love you so much!


Steve said...

I love and miss you too. Only a few more days until Shaylah arrives! *HUGS*