Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday ride on my newly named scooter

First of all, let me update you on my scooter's name.

My old scooter was named Yzma by my daughter Chelsea. Yzma—one of the best Disney villains ever—has a slight build and a devious mind. I thought it fit my little old 50cc bike well.

Here's a clip from the movie The Emperor's New Groove that displays Yzma's emaciated figure and twisted logic:  

My new ride—with a 125cc engine—is bigger, louder, and more powerful. Once again, my daughter came up with what I think is the perfect name: Miss Agatha Trunchbull.

Miss Trunchbull (aka "The Trunchbull") is a character in the movie Matilda. She's a beefy, former Olympian hammer-throw champion, who is now a sadistic principal. She describes one student as "a wart, a carbuncle, a blister, a festering pustule of malignant ooze."

Sunday, I took Miss Trunchbull out for a spin.

From Luzhu (Lujhu) I drove west to the coast, then followed routes 15 and 2 to the northernmost tip of Taiwan. I continuted to Jinshan, where I then headed south to visit the Jin Bao Shan Cemetary. The route is about 70km.

route to teresa teng's grave

Jin Bao Shan Cemetery is also an art park, and it's quite beautiful. The legendary Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng is buried there. My camera is broken, but here are some photos from when I went last August with my friend Ryan.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Wednesday is the Tomb Sweeping holiday and Ryan and I are planning a ride to Ming Chi Forest. Stay tuned…

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