Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weight loss update (food poisoning)





March 07

80 kg

97 cm

March 14

78.4 kg

96 cm

March 21

77.4 kg

96 cm

April 02

74.6 kg

93.5 cm

Net Difference

-5.4 kg

-3.5 cm

Got violently ill late Friday night: Constant vomiting and diarrhea for 6 hours. Saturday morning and afternoon no vomiting but continued diarrhea. Saturday evening vomiting again, light-headed, so went to the Emergency Room and got treated for dehydration.

It's now Wednesday morning and I still can eat only lightly; I've consumed only about 600 calories a day since Saturday. Hopefully my appetite will come back before my trip to Malaysia on Friday.

I've managed to lose weight and inches, but I would never recommend the food poisoning method. Ugh!

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