Saturday, March 31, 2012

My new baby, again

I say "again" because I'm referring to the first time I used that as a blog entry title, when I obtained my pink 50cc scooter. Although Yzma the scooter has been faithful to me over the past two and a half years, she's been feeling her age lately and so I bought a new one on Tuesday. 

The difference in power is amazing; I feel much safer with this bike.  She's also much more comfortable than Yzma, which is definitely important for my middle-aged back and rear end. 

For the first 300 km I have to drive under 60 k/h to break in the engine, but I'm itching to see what she can do.

Pricing here is different than in the US. The price I was initially quoted is the price I paid out-the-door. Tax is already included. The quoted price also included:

  • License and registration
  • 2 years of accident liability, fire, and theft insurance
  • 300 km and 1,000 km oil change and maintenance
  • VIN engraving for theft identification
  • New helmet, tire lock, and floor mat.

I'm really jazzed about my new bike! I hope to take an open road journey next Wednesday during the Tomb Sweeping holiday. Stay tuned.

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