Monday, April 5, 2010

Day trip with friends (photos)

On Sunday I went to Miaoli County (苗栗縣), which is two hours south of me. My friend Alice drove us there, where we picked up her friend Jolin.


...had fresh fruit tea and pumpkin seed cookies up in the peaceful, fog shrouded hills of Nanzhuang (南庄)

...took a look at a beautiful bed & breakfast (rooms start at about US$200/night, so out of my price range, unfortunately)

...strolled along Nanzhuang Old Street and had some delicious Hakka food

...visited a well-known temple in Zhunan (竹南)

As a bonus, when we arrived at the temple we just happened to catch a group of Southern Taiwan devotees performing a visiting ceremony [video coming soon].

It's the first time I'd met Jolin (on right). She would say something in Chinese to Alice who would then interpret it for me. My Chinese comprehension is getting better, so at one point, when she asked Alice to ask me something, I turned to Jolin and told her in Chinese, "You can ask me."(你可以問我)

At least that's what I thought I said.

The word for 'ask' is pronounced "wèn", with a falling tone. I guess I said it as "wěn", with a dipping tone. So, what I had actually said to Jolin, after having known her for only a couple of hours, was, "You can kiss me."(你可以吻我) LOL

The entire photo album is here: Be sure to read the photo captions to get the full story.

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