Thursday, March 4, 2010

Earthquake and breakfast

So we had another earthquake this morning. I was sitting at the computer, actually not wasting my time but studying Chinese, when my apartment started swaying. It was a 6.4, centered about 180 miles south of me.

This is my first earthquake experience since I moved into this apartment last December. I had wondered what they would feel like, being ten floors above the ground. Now I know. The room swayed back and forth for a good 20-30 seconds, starting slowly then getting stronger, and gradually subsiding (Reminded me of how my wife described labor contractions). I've heard that the up-and-down shaking of a quake is more dangerous than side-to-side swaying; I'm relieved that we had the latter type. I don't have a TV, so I don't know the situation in southern Taiwan. Guess I'll have to wait to hear from students today.

Today's Chinese speaking practice included ordering some new dishes at the breakfast shop downstairs. I'll have to remember to post a photo of the place, and of the friendly shopkeeper. No matter how busy she is, she'll have a smile on her face as I'm deperately fumbling with her language.

I got 黑胡椒豬排 hēi hú jiāo zhū pái (Black pepper pork), just like what you see on the left. I also got 酥皮餅 sū pí bǐng (crispy skin cake), kinda sorta like a flaky quesadilla, to which I added cheese and bacon.

Khatzumoto is right; learning a language is much better when you're using it to do something fun and enjoyable. For me, eating certainly fits the bill :-Þ

I also enjoy silly cartoons, so I'm going to start watching 我們這一家 Wǒmen zhè yī jiā ("This family of ours"?) Check it out!


OsakaJack said...

1. Your posts are making me hungry
2. Totally didn't know you had family and stuff in TW! Thought you were flying solo as it were.
Keep up the good work on the language study. Its inspirational.

Steve said...

@OsakaJack, Hmm, I don't have family in Taiwan. The wife I mentioned is my ex. No, it's just little old me here, lol.

Khatzumoto is a great motivator, whether you're learning languages or have any kind of goal really.

How are things with you?

OsakaJack said...

I'm totally prepping for my return to the Rock. And doing the whole immersion thing once work settles.

Steve said...

OsakaJack, Cool. When do you think you'll be in Taiwan? My email address is steve4nlanguage [at] yahoo [dot] com (also on my profile here) if you want to get in touch.