Friday, March 5, 2010

China's English bubble almost ready to pop

Here's the story:

Last December the employees and students of the Kai En chain of English training centers in Shanghai arrived to their schools to a very rude surprise: After 13 years of operation, one of the oldest and best known English training companies in Shanghai had suddenly gone out of business.

The directors had fled the country, leaving the employees of the five branches owed months of back-wages and customers without refunds for their expensive pre-paid courses.

When looking at this in the context of Chinese and international trends, it could be a preview of things to come for China's English language industry.

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OsakaJack said...

Unfortunately all too common in the English biz. Have seen it several times here in Japan.

Google NOVA Japan and you will get news articles about the owner of the largest chain school fleeing to the Caribbean and then being extradited.