Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some photos from the past month - Part 3

Friday, May 1, was the Labor Day holiday, so Chyo and I took a day trip to 金瓜石 Jinguashi and 九份 Jiufen.

Jinguashi is a former gold mining town. Its Gold Ecological Park proved to be a lot more interesting than either of us had expected. Lots of interesting buildings to see, plus miles of hiking. Below are some photos from Jinguashi. Our journey to Jiufen will be in Part 4.

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From the surrounding hillside trails you can see the Yin-Yang Sea with its blue and yellow water.

What's in here?Oh, I see.How convenient!

Some nature shots

This area was heavily mined during the Japanese occupation of WWII. Below is a lodging house for a Japanese supervisor.

Here is the Japanese Crown Prince's residence, complete with mini golf course.

Hiking up into the surrounding hills. Just caught the tail-end of a beautiful blue salamander.

Goofing around...

Visited this temple housing the world's largest statue of 關羽 Guan Yu. Before we left, we had to see the Gold Waterfall, which is the source of the Yin-Yang Sea.

On to Jiufen!

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