Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some photos from the past month - Part 2

Chyo's family celebrated their parents' birthdays together at a traditional Hakka restaurant. I was honored to be invited along...the only non-family member!

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I can't remember the names of the dishes, but they were all delicious. In the photos below, the first dish contains tofu, octopus, and vegetables. The second, of course, is lobster (龍蝦 "dragon shrimp"). Can't remember the third, but the next one is obviously fish. Number 5 contained all kinds of goodies, and the last is pork with noodles.

This is chicken, with a side of tangy Hakka sauce.Nothing goes to waste. This dish includes chicken testicles.Here I am trying chicken balls, which I'm told are great for a man's potency and for a woman's skin.

Chyo's neice and nephews posing with the waiguoren (foreigner).

After dinner we went bowling, and I learned how to play lose at 斯諾克 (snooker).

The next day I went back to Chyo's house for lunch and cake.
Is it any wonder that I love Taiwan?

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