Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some photos from the past month - Part 1

Last month Randy, a fellow teacher, returned to his native Canada. We bade him adieu...even though he was going back to Saskatchewan, not Québec :-)

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Randy, Jack, Beverly, Louis, Paddy, Lynn at 七分醉 ("70% Drunk") aboriginal restaurant.

The gang at the "after party" at the nearby park.

Yes, I was there too.

On Easter Sunday, Chyo and I took a day trip to 三義 Sanyi with his friend Stuart, who was visiting from Hong Kong. Sanyi is known for its woodcarving industry, as well as 勝興火車站 Shengxing Huochezhan, an historic train station.

The road leading to the train stationDon't mess with me!For when we need to go undercover

Friendly street vendorA local woman lent me her Easter bonnetChyo and Stuart

Relaxing at a train station teahouseI tried 擂茶 lei cha, a Hakka tea made with nuts, seeds, and grains. 好喝!Lei cha ingredients

Entrance to one of Sanyi's many woodworking shops. Unfortunately, camera were not permitted inside.This bakery capitalizes on the local industry.Picking tea leaves.

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