Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November outings - 2: Night Market 夜市

On Saturday evening (11/27/08) my friend and I went to the night market in Jong Li (中壢夜市). Click on photos to enlarge.

Entrance to night marketThe first (of many!) food stands that we ate atWe had the pig knuckles and sesame oil chicken soup

Pig knuckle, bamboo, and rice我很餓!Delicious and soothing sesame oil chicken soup

臭豆腐 (stinky tofu) and 筒仔米糕 (rice tube pudding?)
Another food whose name eludes meMilk ice with passion fruit, strawberry, and taro. OMG, so 好吃(delicious)!

Qiu and I tried playing a bingo-type game......that uses mahjong tiles......but neither of us won :-(

We couldn't leave without trying a couple more desserts, including these donut-like buns......and these rice powder treats filled with sesame and peanuts. Again, the names escape me.

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Jack said...

Hu yummy heh? I feel like having some night market food now