Sunday, December 7, 2008

November outings - 3: Yung An 永安

On Sunday evening (11/28/08) my friend 邱 and I went to the beach and a temple in 永安 (Yung An). Click on photos to enlarge.

Of course, we had to start by eating breakfastPosing with 邱's friend, who owns the breakfast shop

Statue of 觀音 Guan Yin (Goddess of Compasion)See how tiny I amTraditional Taiwanese home

The tide was out, which makes for a wide beachNothing says 'style' like a man in a hatI think this was some sort of religious group

I managed to catch a rare shot of this shy and elusive creatureWindsurfingJust when you thought I couldn't possibly get any more glamorous...

After the beach we headed over to this beautiful templeTemple interiorInterior ceiling detail

Time to eat again! Taiwanese sausage, BBQ squid, stinky tofu, ice cream (need I go on?)"這個外國人是誰?"Later, for the first time, I ate 釋迦 (shì jiā, or sek-khia in Taiwanese). Quite sweet and custardy, it's called "sugar apple" and "sweetsop" in English

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