Sunday, December 16, 2012

Half Marathon Training Week 2: Back on Track

I had a little setback at the end of week one: A combination of heavy rain, wind, and cold weather prevented me from my scheduled run on Saturday. No matter; I can make it up on Sunday.

I spent Sunday with friends, which included playing three rounds of Settlers of Catan. It didn't include running. Oh well.

So, although this is technically week two of my training, I followed the week one schedule again. I'm still doing the 3 minutes running/2 minutes walking cycle.

I'm proud of myself because I can see a bit of improvement: At the beginning it took me 60 minutes to go 6 kilometers; last night, however, I completed 6.5 km in 57 minutes. Of course, at this rate it would take me 3+ hours to complete 21 km. By next March I should have that time shaved down considerably.

Strangely, my weight increased by 1 kg, but my waist shrank by 3 cm. 

Week Date Weight Waist Run
(Arrival in Taiwan)
70 kg
(155 lbs)
84 cm (33") --
1 12/03/2012 75.5 kg
(166 lbs)
94 cm (37") 30 minutes
3 km
  12/05/2012     30 minutes
3 km
  12/08/2012     --
[heavy rain]
2 12/10/2012     30 minutes
3 km
  12/12/2012     30 minutes
3 km
  12/15/2012 76.5 kg
(169 lbs)
+1 kg
91 cm
-3 cm
57 minutes
6.5 km

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Gill said...

Strangely, my weight increased by 1 kg, but my waist shrank by 3 cm.

because your body fat become muscle
muscle more weight than body fat