Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Half Marathon Training Day 2: Rain

I'm proud of myself. I got up at 8:00am and went running in the rain. It's only the second day of my training and I am not going to give up because of some water falling from the sky.

I felt self-conscious for a while, but I remembered that I was doing this for myself, not for anyone who looked at me from under their umbrella like I was a fool. During my run I crossed paths with just one other runner; seeing him lifted my spirits incredibly and kept me motivated.

Unfortunately, now my shoes are soaked. I hope they dry out before Saturday.

Date Weight Waist Run
(Arrival in Taiwan)
70 kg
(155 lbs)
84cm (33") --
12/03/2012 75.5 kg
(166 lbs)
94cm (37") 30 minutes
3 km
12/05/2012     30 minutes
3 km


Gill said...

running in the rain...
your hair will less a lot,,,(a joke)

8:00am is need big powerful,because the weather is really really cold...

Steve said...

Hi Gill,

Thanks for the comment! I wish I could run as fast as my hair falls out :-)