Thursday, January 10, 2008

My first day student teaching

I loved it, even though I was extremely nervous.

There were five students in the class that I taught: Telek, Jeed, and June from Thailand; Dae Hoon from Korea, and Aki from Japan. They were very nice and very forgiving of us new teachers as we blundered our way through our lessons. Mark, the instructor who evaluated our group, is considered by some to be the "tougher" one; I'm glad I got him because I know his praise and criticism are honest and therefore the most useful for me.

After receiving our evaluations, Stacy, Yang Hae, Ik Joo, Maya, Junie, and I found a pub and toasted our first day of teaching. Maggie and Peter had other plans or they would have come too. I feel bad that I didn't see Len, Jared, Jandie, or Lily after class or we would have invited them also. Keiko wasn't in class today.

I wanted to post pictures in this and in the last entry too, but they won't upload to blogger for some reason. I'll have to try later.

I'm fairly certain that I won't be bogged down with homework or lesson planning this weekend, so I should have free time to explore the city. Too bad I don't have any money. I do have an unlimited Muni pass, so maybe I'll just explore the free sites (and bring a peanut butter sandwich for lunch). My roommate Fernando will probably want to go too. Do I dare introduce him to the Castro?

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Emmanuel M Liu said...

hey hi i just saw your comment on my blog, don't know when you postes it, but i was glad you stop by. hope to follow all your progress in taiwan bye.