Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back to life, back to reality

I got the news about my mom's passing through a phone call with my sister. After hanging up and regaining my composure, I boarded a train and headed for the east coast. Watching the surf is my mental therapy.

I arrived in Toucheng (頭城) and walked to a scooter rental shop.

After picking up my scooter, I drove to nearby Wai'ao (外澳) beach. I spent the afternoon and early evening walking along the shore, stopping periodically to sit down and talk to God, myself, the sand crabs—whomever. These one-way chats/rants were interspersed with crying jags and periods of staring blankly at the waves, becoming hypnotized by the constantly moving water.

Today my sister will scatter our mom's ashes in the ocean; she'll be joining my dad who passed away 25 years ago. It comforts me to know that anytime I want to visit them, all I have to do is find my way to the sea.

The sunset this evening was beautiful.

During our very hectic summer teaching schedule, I only have time to cook on the weekends. Here's what I made tonight…

Despite my recent grief, life continues to be absolutely wonderful and amazing…


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@Zona: 謝謝。得到朋友的鼓勵是生活中的好事。:-)