Thursday, December 31, 2009

Avatar insanity!

I went online this morning (Thursday Dec. 31) to try to book tickets at the IMAX 3-D showing of the movie Avatar in Taipei. I could see it locally at a non-IMAX theater, but that would be like going to a 5-star restaurant and ordering a hot dog.

Anyway, I was hoping to watch it sometime during this long 3-day weekend. There are six showings each day, so I figured 'no problem.' But, I forgot—this is Taiwan. At 9:00am this morning I tried to book a ticket, and everything was sold out except for the 10:20pm show on Sunday, where there were 58 seats available. However, by the time the movie lets out sometime around 1:00am, there'd be no trains back to Taoyuan. Damn :-(

Out of curiosity, I just checked again (10:30am), and now there are only 20 seats remaining for that showing.

In the U.S., shows would occasionally sell out when I was a child. Back then we didn't have the Internet, cable TV, etc., so I guess more people went to the cinema. But since I became an adult, I've never experienced a sold-out movie in the U.S., so this is a bit disheartening.

The ticket price for the IMAX 3-D version is US$13, which is expensive for here, and so I refuse to pay an additional US$30 for a taxi ride back home. Guess I'll just have to wait until next weekend.

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