Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sick with the flu

Last night was terrible. I had a fever and terrible body aches. I piled the blankets on and was shivering one moment, then kicking off the covers the next. I took 800mg Ibuprofen which eventually cooled me down enough to get a little sleep.

This morning my temperature didn’t feel as high, but I was exhausted, and my head had that feverish fog, and I still had the body aches. I was a little worried about pneumonia, but I didn’t have any other symptoms.

mask I went to the doctor this morning; he checked me over, determined that my lungs sounded clear, told me I had the flu, and prescribed a cocktail of medicines. Since I still had a fever he told me to stay home from work, and to wear a mask when around others.

So, here’s what the well-dressed flu victim is wearing these days.

Ugh, just writing this much has worn me out. Gonna go lie down.


SHUO said...

Oh, it sounds serious. But don't worry too much. It's this transition of seasons that make you vulnerable. And in Autumn, it's not easy to recover from a bad cold.

Hope you get bubbly soon.^^

OsakaJack said...

It's been awhile since you posted. Also, you haven't replied to my email. Hope you got over your flu! Keep us posted (you have many readers, tho few commenters, fyi).