Sunday, September 27, 2009

Local Mid-Autumn Celebration

Some friends invited me to their neighborhood community's Mid-Autumn celebration (aka Moon Festival). The actual holiday isn't until next Saturday--October 3rd--but they were celebrating it one week early.

It was fun. There was a ton of contributed food. I can't remember all of the dishes, but it included many kinds of rice, veggies, meat, soup, and traditional snacks. It's especially popular to BBQ at this time, and I feasted on all kinds of dishes including barbecued fish and 烏賊 (cuttlefish).

The traditional fruit is 柚子 (pomelo), which many folks enjoy eating while gazing at the beautiful moon. What to do with the peel? Well, you can see the humorous custom in the photo.

Here is a video that captured some of the events. Sorry about the poor quality.

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