Friday, June 19, 2009

Photos from Chinese Pod meet-up

On May 3rd I went to Taipei to meet a couple of Chinese Pod members face-to-face. Here are some photos from that trip.

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Brent, on the left, is one of the Chinese Pod members. We met Carrie and Pavinee, on the right, outside of Taipei 101 while waiting for Alice, the other Chinese Pod member.
All of us
Brent, Alice, and me, from Chinese Pod


Austin said...

What is a Chinese Pod? lol

Carrie said...

thanks for the pics Steve! actually me and Pavinee were not from Chinese pod, just passer-by.XD

hey do u still stay in touch with Brent? i got no response from him on msn. i wonder why...

have a nice day^^

Steve said...

@austin: look up :-)