Sunday, April 13, 2008

Astro-cartology reading

Let me preface this entry by saying that I'm not a big follower of astrology. Chalk that up to my religious upbringing, I don't know. However, I find it interesting when a reading corresponds to my personality or path in life.

Here is the astro-cartology chart (thanks Marc) which describes how Fortuna and Taiwan relate to my life. Pretty interesting.

Fortuna, California, USA

The quality of this connection does not lend itself particularly well to worldly pursuits. Hopes and ideals are probably too high to meet anyone's expectation. If this is the case, there will be disappointments sooner or later. This especially applies to encounters made along this line to latitude. At first, they might appear in a favourable light but soon reality catches up.

Promises are not kept, hopes dashed and in the worst case scenario, there can be intrigues and deceit. With all new contacts, do not become blinded by the apparent perfectness of conditions. Enjoy the romantic moments but guard against any concrete intentions and arrangements.

The atmosphere of these places can be compared to the razzmatazz and glitter of Hollywood. Perfect conditions exist here for an escapade into the realm of fantasy and dreams. Artists, authors and actors know how to appreciate this creative inspiration. You could also meet some highly spiritually evolved individuals but it is still important to keep your feet on the ground.


Staying here is like being part of a fictional film production. Your dreams and imagination are incited, and you are deeply moved by the intensity of life. There is a soft shimmering glow and boundaries fade away. Moved by sympathy, awe and empathy, all your emotions become more sublime.

You could experience some wonderful, sensitive relationships. You long for emotional connectedness, selfless surrender and the inner fusion with a loved one. You may meet your big love, but it is still questionable if reality matches your idyllic expectations.

Venus/Neptune is a pleasant but deceptive place, and you should be aware of the tendency to idealise and hide the truth. Special care needs to be taken with money and valuables, as the potential exists for thefts and other material losses. Artists, on the other hand, experience an unexpected creative phase. Their creativity mirrors the sensitivity and aesthetics of this inspirational and subtle region.

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