Friday, March 14, 2008

Almost surreal

My About Me tag, over there to the right, says that I'm "concentrating on completing the necessary steps to be teaching English in Taiwan by 2008." It looks like that will soon be a reality.

I'll be leaving for Taiwan in early April. Once I'm there I will be following up on interview requests. I'll also be roaming the streets, hurling my CV at any and all possible employers.

As I fill out my visa application, things are feeling surreal. I mean, this is what I've dreamed and planned for the past year, and now it's becoming real. I'm indebted to my family and friends here who have supported me in my endeavor. I'm also grateful for my new friends Marc & Zenny, who are graciously providing me a soft-landing in Taiwan. Also Jim, whom I met while in TESOL training in San Francisco, and whom I'm looking forward to seeing again once he returns to Taipei in the summer.

I plan to use this blog as a means of sharing with friends and family my experiences while living and working on "The Beautiful Island." Hopefully I'll become more regular with my postings!

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