Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Intercalary Day

There's something fascinating to me about leap year. Calendars represent the passage of time, and time is one of those constant universal laws. Yet, we seem to bend that law every four years by adding a day. I envy those who have birthdays on this rare date. Well, rare for some families, anyway.

With much help from a new friend in Taiwan, I updated my CV yesterday and will be sending it to a potential employer today. I slapped on a suit and tie and had a local friend snap photos of me lookin' "pro-feshinul." There's the result; you can judge for yourself whether I look businesslike or serial killer-ish. I still haven't heard from Hess, so next week I'll start sending out my CV in earnest. My hope is that I have a job before I leave for Taiwan, but I may end up having to go there and pound the pavement.

Although I managed to stay healthy all winter, this morning I woke up with a head cold...bummer. I hope I'm feeling better for Amanda's birthday tomorrow. Ugh, I'm feeling crappier by the moment, gonna go lie down.

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